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A Slice of Summer
Ice-cold melons are dripping with great summer flavor and nutrition!

Slice into the crisp, refreshing selection of locally grown melons at Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. They contain vitamin C (builds and repairs tissues), vitamin A (supports healthy vision), potassium (helps maintain fluid and mineral balance in the body), and fiber (aids in digestion).

A. Watermelon
Available round or oblong, the flesh can be red, orange, yellow, or white. Seeded varieties are 15 to 45 pounds. They are best sliced and served cold. Roast seeds (325°F for 15 minutes) and salt for snacking. Seedless options include mini personal-sized (1 to 7 pounds) or large (10 to 25 pounds). Seedless flesh is ideal for pureeing or serving alongside poultry and seafood.

“Watermelon gets a bad rap because it has some natural sugar, but it is a superfood! It’s 92% water, making it naturally hydrating. It’s the leading fruit and vegetable source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant for disease prevention.”
—Kerry Clifford, Fresh Thyme Registered Dietitian

B. Casaba
About 5 pounds, this melon is oval or round with yellow wrinkled skin and pale green flesh. It is mild with hints of pear and cucumber; casabas work well for sweet or savory dishes.

C. Santa Claus
This football-shaped watermelon is about 18 pounds with a thick, wrinkled yellow-and-green rind. The light green flesh is ideal for desserts like sorbet, sauces, and tarts.

D. Crenshaw
A cross between a Casaba and a Persian melon, they are 8 to 10 pounds. This melon is round with a wrinkled, pointy stem end. The skin is yellow-green and becomes golden as it ripens. It is slightly spicy and firm enough to hold up to cooking.

E. Cantaloupe
This melon’s skin has a buff-colored netting pattern. The flesh is typically orange. It is about 3 pounds with a musky, floral flavor. Puree for chilled soups or pair with cucumber in salads.

F. Yellow Watermelon
Due to lack of lycopene, the flesh is yellow. It has notes of honey and apricot and is 10 to 30 pounds. Layer with mozzarella, basil, and balsamic glaze for a caprese salad.

G. Honeydew
This 4- to 8-pound melon has a velvety, pale yellow skin with a green flesh that melts in your mouth. It is ideal for breakfast or dessert.

All these melon varieties are seasonal. Visit your local Fresh Thyme for see the new crops for the week!