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Discover Fresh Thyme Dairy

We source our dairy products from farmers who don’t use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, pesticides, or GMOs, and our organic farmers adhere to the USDA’s strict National Organic Standard. And for those who are avoiding dairy, shop our extensive selection of plant-based alternatives.

Local… and proud of it!
Fresh Thyme offers the freshest milk, eggs, yogurts, juices and more! We can do this because we work with hundreds of local farmers. Moreover, we’re committed to carrying products that are raised humanely and without antibiotics. We are proud to report that over the last 52 weeks – Fresh Thyme Own Brand eggs are 100% cage free; 98% of our liquid egg products sold were cage free; and 80% of shelled egg units sold were cage-free.

DAIRY FREE options ahead
Many people today are looking for dairy-free and lactose-free options- and we’ve got you covered with more than 100 items. You want a plant-based milk? Along with almond, oat, rice and soy milk, we offer cashew, flax and coconut milk!