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Fresh Thyme Tips to Make the Season Even Better

The holidays often get a bad rap for being stressful, but Thanksgiving dinner (or any other seasonal celebration) doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Fresh Thyme Market is a one-stop shop for an impressive selection of ingredients you can trust, at prices you’ll appreciate. And with an array of better for you products that don’t require tons of prep, hosting is easier than ever.

Authentically good times are easy when you work with real food, all-natural ingredients, and high-quality products. Fresh Thyme has a wide assortment of products that fit any healthy lifestyle—organic, gluten-free, plant-based, non-GMO, and more. When you depend on real, good food as the foundation of your celebration, the rest comes easy.

So how do you keep it real—the ingredients and the fun? Here are some simple solutions for a great holiday season:

Make meal prep a group activity. A joint effort saves tons of time, and the moments leading up to mealtime turn into opportunities to make memories with loved ones. Fresh Thyme has a wide selection of simple-to-prepare, high-quality foods made with real ingredients for a meal that’s as nutritious as it is delicious.

Look for premade foods like dips, desserts, appetizers, and sides to help you cut back on prep time. Everything doesn’t need to be homemade for your close-knit celebration to feel personal and authentic. As long as the ingredients are great, you’re good to go.

Choose healthier ingredients without breaking the bank. Fresh Thyme provides inexpensive, high-quality products you can trust to create delicious, good-for-you foods—like fresh, antibiotic-free, organic, and heritage-breed turkeys. Organic fresh herbs, in-season produce, and other Fresh Thyme finds can make all the difference in your signature side dishes.

Look for a unique selection of Fresh Thyme products to add character and conversation starters to your get-together. Impress guests with special touches like a gorgeous fall floral arrangement, gluten-free and plant-based products, bulk chocolate, and other treats.