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Frozen Breakfast Food Ideas

Frozen Breakfast Foods

Let’s be honest, for many folks, breakfast starts and ends with cereal. And while there’s nothing wrong with that—it is convenient after all—the “strictly cereal” crowd is missing out on some mighty tempting alternatives. Nutrition-packed smoothies, on-the-go breakfast sandwiches, and eat-at-home breakfast staples are all found in the Frozen Foods aisle at Fresh Thyme.

Why veer from the ordinary? A change of pace is nice for the taste buds. And frankly, trying something different might make you look forward to breakfast again. No worries if you’re in a time crunch, either, because Fresh Thyme’s Frozen Foods aisle is full of time-saving breakfast items that also taste good. And there are plenty to choose from.


Smoothie Ideas

Smoothies are hot. Well, actually they’re cold because they contain crushed ice, but you know what we mean. People like smoothies. A lot. That’s because each delicious drink tastes like something that’s bad for you but actually can be as healthful as you want.

That’s one reason smoothies are so popular: You can slip in healthful, nutrient-packed ingredients. We’re talking everything from kale to flaxseeds to protein powder or other nutrient powders. Here’s a smoothie recipe that includes an avocado and spinach. Our Mango Tango Smoothie includes vanilla protein powder. And this Beet Berry Smoothie features beet powder and flaxseeds.

Smoothies generally start with produce, either fresh or frozen. We say go frozen because, well, smoothies are supposed to be cold! Besides, frozen produce is readily available any time of year and always tastes great.

You’ll also want to add something for creaminess. Bananas are a natural. And here’s a tip: If your fresh bananas start to turn brown, freeze them and use them later in a smoothie (or banana bread, for that matter). Milk and yogurt also add creaminess (and nutrients). This recipe for Banana Superfood Smoothies includes bananas, plain Greek yogurt, and coconut milk. Or if you don’t feel like making your own smoothies, Fresh Thyme offers a great selection of portable ready-made smoothies.

For serving containers, a to-go cup is convenient when you’re headed out the door. But a bowl works well when you’re eating at home because it allows you—actually invites you—to add toppings. The types of toppings are up to you, but some favorites include blueberries, blackberries, sliced kiwi, sliced strawberries, coconut flakes, chopped nuts, and dried fruit. Here’s a Blueberry Oat Smoothie Bowl you might want to try.


Waffles and Pancakes

Waffles and pancakes pack a hearty punch to tide you over for quite some time, undoubtedly one reason they’re a road trip favorite of truckers and motorists alike. But why wait until your next car trip to Who Knows Where? Fresh Thyme lets you easily enjoy these breakfast staples at home.

Let’s start with waffles. No need to pour batter into the griddle gathering dust in the cellar, not with Fresh Thyme’s abundant collection of frozen waffles waiting in the wings. Taste your way through waffle flavors such as protein-packed original, multigrain, whole grain organic, buckwheat wildberry, maple cinnamon, apple cinnamon, blueberry, chocolate chip, buttermilk & vanilla, and gluten-free whole grain brown rice.

Then there’s pancakes. Oh, you can cook up a batch using pancake mix when time permits—on the weekend, perhaps—but frozen pancakes are handy any day of the week. Try frozen homestyle pancakes or power-packed buttermilk flapjacks. And don’t forget the syrup! Fresh Thyme offers all types of maple syrup, including maple walnut syrup and peanut butter maple syrup.

Eat at Home

What do weekends and holidays have in common? A leisurely start to the day! And that means time for a real breakfast—the kind you might find at a bed-and-breakfast. Prepare it in your own kitchen with Fresh Thyme frozen breakfast offerings.

If it’s variety you seek, you’ll find everything from breads and muffins to sausages and hash browns. Make a quiche in a wholesome organic piecrust. Bake a breakfast pizza using our gluten-free pizza dough or a custom pastry using puff pastry sheets. Of course, Fresh Thyme has ready-made frozen breakfast options, including Cheddar and broccoli quiche. Or try frozen English muffins that are gluten-, dairy-, soy-, and grain-free. Varieties include original English muffins, toasted onion English muffins, and cinnamon raisin English muffins. Fill them with fully cooked egg white patties for healthful breakfast sandwiches.

For traditional breakfasts, Fresh Thyme offers a full complement of hash browns, breakfast sausage, and spicy sausage links, as well as fully cooked bacon. Venture outside the Frozen Foods aisle and you’ll find everything needed for a truly rewarding stay-at-home breakfast: cage-free eggs, gourmet coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and more!

Want to make that big homestyle breakfast even healthier? Learn how to build a better breakfast.


On the Go

Cereal is convenient, but it’s not the most portable breakfast food. For that, we turn to on-the-go standbys like breakfast sandwiches and burritos. Fresh Thyme’s flatbread breakfast sandwiches include turkey sausage and power veggies. Burritos come in turkey sausage; chicken apple sausage; vegan; veggie Baha; Canadian-style bacon, egg, and cheese; and other flavors. All you need is a microwave … and a few minutes’ patience to wait for the payoff!

For those with a sweet tooth, Fresh Thyme carries frozen breakfast muffins, like gluten-free blueberry oat muffins and gluten-free zucchini chocolate veggie muffins, and muffin tops in flavors such as lemon blueberry and chocolate chip. Or enjoy a taste of gluten-free oaties, or oatmeal dipping sticks, in original, blueberry, and chocolate chip flavors.