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Trick Your Treat
These nutritious treats wear costumes—they’re disguised as fun Halloween monsters!

Make no mistake: Kids love Halloween. Help children make wholesome spooky snacks from Fresh Thyme Market. Sweet or savory, these treats pack a nutritious punch and inspire creativity.

Set up a buffet of ingredients and lend a hand with young kids designing their first monster or two. Encourage older kids to make their own creepy-crawlies. Then dig in and devour!

“Halloween is often a day full of sugary sweets, especially if kids go trick or treating. By making a few fun healthy snacks that kids enjoy, you create a nutritious buffer to help with the sugar crash.”

—Meghan Sedivy, Fresh Thyme Registered Dietitian

Skull Salad: Cut off the top of a bell pepper, seed it, and cut out a face. Fill with salad ingredients, then gobble skull and all!

Eggy Eyes: Halve Fresh Thyme hard-boiled eggs and top with avocado and tomatillo salsa. Add a slice of black olive for pupils. Sprinkle with paprika for bloodshot eyes.


Yummy Mummy: Wrap Fresh Thyme string cheese with your favorite deli meat. Use a zoodle for “bandages” and add eyes of mini pepperoni and peppercorns.

Goblin Grins: Layer two slices of apple with Fresh Thyme peanut or almond butter between them. Position a strawberry slice for the tongue, then stud the butter layer with seeds or cereal. Use toothpicks to attach two blueberry eyeballs.


Hummus Pumpkin Patch: Shape fresh carrot chunks into pumpkin shapes, then skewer on fresh broccoli florets. “Plant” them in Fresh Thyme Classic Hummus. Munchie goodness!

Monster Cups: Clear plastic cups hold these fiendish critters at bay. Fill with assorted fruit or veggies; place contrasting foods for eyes. Use permanent markers to draw scary and not-so-scary faces on the plastic cup, then snack away.