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Building Blocks of Immunity
Flu and cold season is here. Block it off with some simple good-health habits.
Flu and cold season is here. Block it off with some simple good-health habits.

Flu fighters, unite! Cold crushers, assemble! Though there’s no perfect way to thwart flu and cold season, arming yourself with good, natural body-care basics can build your resistance. It’s also just plain good for you.

The ABCs of immunity center on everyday basics. Stay hydrated with plenty of water and eat healthy well-balanced meals, though maybe plate up some extra immunity-boosting foods. Supplements in the body-care aisle can also help bolster the vitamins and minerals you need for fighting colds, such as vitamins C and D, and zinc.

Exercise, as always, is important to a healthy body, and so is rest. Feeling tired or stressed can lower immunity. It can help to relax, meditate, or use essential oils. Lavender in particular has a relaxing and calming effect. Tea tree oil diffused in the air can help kill germs and viruses. Peppermint can help open airways and perk up your focus. Anise seeds can ease coughing and congestion, and can be crushed and steeped in hot water to make tea. And hot tea and honey is always a healthy go-to.

So bring it on, cold and flu season. We’re building a defense of good health.

Check Your Oils

Some essential oil mixes are designed to boost immunity, such as Medieval Mix, Synergistic Blend, Immunity Boost, Good Samaritan, and Sinus Formula.

Get Your Z’s

Recharge your body with 8+ hours of sleep each night. Supplements in the body-care aisle can help provide restful sleep.

Go For Gold

Turmeric, a golden super-good-for- you spice, is high in antioxidants and fights off inflammation.

C Plus

Among its many benefits, vitamin C strengthens the immune system, repairs and builds body tissue, and helps deter the common cold.

Work Up a Lather

Get in the habit now. Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizers to fight germs.