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The Fresh Thyme Staycation
Take a Staycation with safe, fun ideas from Fresh Thyme.

Thinking of staying put this summer? A staycation at home could be easier, safer, and less expensive than traveling afar—and a chance to spend some fun-filled quality time with family.

This year, let Fresh Thyme be your activity director. May we suggest a relaxing spa package for one, a romantic picnic for two, movie night for the family, or a luau with friends? How about camping in the “wilderness” of your backyard, or hosting a sports competition? Fresh Thyme can help make this the most memorable summer ever.


A Luau at Waikiki Club—for Friends

Call on Fresh Thyme to invent a tropical getaway—where Midwest meets Hawaii. This festive luau features dishes from our Recipe Collection; you’ll also find plenty of recipes to inspire other themes as well. To get this party rolling:

  • Shop at Fresh Thyme—In addition to recipe ingredients, pick up fresh florals and tropical fruits for table decorations.
  • Get frugal—Scour your local thrift stores for inexpensive dishes, tiki torches, pitchers, and barware. Shop a dollar store for an assortment of leis so you can greet each guest with a lei as they arrive.
  • Dress the part—Don your favorite Hawaiian shirt, muumuu, or grass skirt. Tuck a flower in your hair.
  • Set the stage—Make a pitcher of mai tais and put on ukulele music : It’s Aloha Time!


Spa Day Chez Moi—Just for You (or a Few Lucky Friends)

Set aside a day to relax and pamper yourself at your very own exclusive retreat—your bathroom or bedroom. If sharing the experience is more appealing than going solo, invite a friend or two to join you. Ask guests to bring wine and cheese; you provide the beauty supplies.

The Body Care Department at Fresh Thyme has natural, organic products made from ingredients and materials that are safe for pampering a body. To enhance your spa day, consider these relaxation methods and accessories:

  • Relax—Place a satin eye pillow filled with lavender on your eyes, then listen to soothing music.
  • Meditate—Light a candle scented with clary sage, a calming and grounding fragrance that may inspire a meditative mood.
  • Bathe—Scrub away cares with assorted bubble bath products and body brushes and soothe tender tootsies in an Epsom salt foot bath.
  • Rejuvenate—Luxuriate in deep-cleansing and -hydrating facial masks, or make a mask of healing clay. Follow the treatment with a brightening application of vitamin C serum, then finish with a spritz of rosewater.


The Paris Picnic—for Two

How about a little “date-cation” for two? Recreate the ambience of Paris by filling a picnic basket with delicacies from Fresh Thyme. Pick a French rosé from our Hops & Grapes Department. Stroll to the Deli & Cheese Department for crackers and cheeses such as Brie or Gruyère. Remember Fresh Thyme mints too—any flavor is kissably fresh.

Tailor activities to your sweetheart, or go for one of these:

  • Light exercise—Pack a flying disk to toss while working up an appetite, or stroll around a small lake.
  • Connect—Sit on a bench to discuss life issues. Spend the day together, renewing the connection to the one you love.
  • Play a game—Prolong the momentous day with an after-meal amusement, such as a game of checkers. Travel-size varieties tuck nicely into a picnic hamper.


The Starry Sky Movie Night—for Family & Friends

Now playing in the Johnson backyard…” your favorite movie! Although drive-in theaters are all the rage, with this version you don’t need a car—just walk out your back door to host a double feature under the stars. Here’s how to set the scene:

  • The big screen—Set up a projector and screen in a sheltered area or carry a large flat-screen TV outdoors. Anchor large screens in case of sudden winds.
  • Seating—Have adult guests bring lawn chairs. Scatter mats or sleeping bags for young kids, who might fall asleep.
  • Lighting—Turn off any outdoor motion-detector lights and dim interior houselights, keeping safety in mind. Hand out glow sticks or have flashlights at hand.
  • Concession stand—It’s a movie so snacks are a must! Set out an assortment of Fresh Thyme popcorn; provide flavored water for kids and beer or wine for adults. Offer bagged candy from the Bulk Foods Department.


Trek to the “Wilderness” of Your Backyard—for Family

If you have a patch of lawn and a tent, you can go camping comfortably in your backyard—not a bear in sight! Enjoying a night in the great outdoors is easy with these tips:

  • The tent—If you don’t own a tent, borrow one from a friend or pick up one from a rental center. Or, for a simple lean-to, rig a plastic tarp.
  • Food—Set up a portable grill or fire pit to cook brats and beans, then eat under the stars. Fresh Thyme has gourmet sausages in the Butcher Shop and baked beans in the Deli Department. Top the night off with S’mores! Toast marshmallows, add a square of chocolate, then sandwich between apple slices.
  • Entertainment—Tell ghost stories, play charades, and sing—accompanied either the old-fashioned way with someone playing a guitar, or pull out a phone for a karaoke app.


Let the Competition Begin!—for Family & Friends

Host a summer competition in your backyard or at a local park, depending on the number of “athletes” participating. Hold volleyball, wiffle ball, and bocce ball tournaments—or go for whatever your competitors enjoy. Follow these tips for holding competitions:

  • HydratePlain water works well, or offer water with electrolytes or coconut water, which is a natural sports drink.
  • Food for fuel—Keep athletes fueled with snacks that provide quick hydration and nutrition, such as watermelon slices, melon balls, grape tomatoes, and celery sticks.
  • Age-appropriate games—Scale competitions to your crew and outdoor space. For young kids, hold something easy like hobby horse races. For older kids, use the same toys with added obstacles and a longer course.
  • Score contestants—Set up a scoring system and designate a judge to award points.
  • Share—Post video clips of the events to share with family and friends.
  • Awards ceremony—At the end of events, hold a ceremony to celebrate contestants, with or without medals.
  • Celebrate—Serve a celebratory meal made easy by a trip to the Fresh Thyme Deli Department. Fresh Thyme offers ready made sandwich platters, an excellent antipasto bar, soups, rotisserie chicken, and pizzas made to specifications.


Happy Summer Days

Make this summer a safe and memorable one by following ideas, suggestions, and tips from Fresh Thyme. Take advantage of opportunities to share quality, purpose-filled time with loved ones. We are here to help you, with fresh produce, wholesome snacks, quality meats, cheeses, and more. Share pics of your “Fresh Thyme Staycation” on our social page—we want to feel those island breezes too!