b"Smart SipsIts the holidays! Go ahead, indulge a little. Alcohol, in moderation, may be good for you.Moderate alcohol intake may provide some health bene ts, such as reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and in ammation. (Exercise and a sensible diet provide greater bene ts, but that glass of red wine may not be so bad for you after all!) Moderation is the key, which means having only one beer, one glass of wine, or one cocktail a day for women and up to two a day for men. Its the calories in alcohol that add up during the holidays, so follow these tips.The Brief on Beer Alow-alcohol red such as Pinot Noir has fewer For beer, choose one that has a lower alcoholcalories than a sweet dessert wine such as port, even content because it has fewer calories per ounce.though a serving of port is half as many ounces.The standard 12-ounce bottle of a light lager hasResveratrol, a compound that acts like an 99calories, a typical pale ale runs 175calories,antioxidant, is found in the skin of red grapes (and and an IPA can have up to 200calories.thus red wine). It has been touted as having antiaging (GuinnessFresh Thyme Dietitian Kerryand disease- ghting properties. Drinking red wine has Cli\x1e ords choice for Saint Patricks Day also been linked with heart-health bene ts.o\x1e ers 125calories per 12-ounce bottle.) The Cocktail ChoiceBrewed from barley or hops, beerFor cocktails, the calories contains antioxidants, B vitamins, iron,are mostly in the mixers used calcium, and even solubleber. Its ato create the drink. The hard fermented beverage, so it has good-for- alcoholssuch as gin, rum, you bacteria to aid with digestion.vodka, and whiskeycontain The Wonders of Wine only around 100 calories and With wine, its the level of dryness and0carbs per 1-ounce serving.alcohol content that play into calories,Try hard liquor on the rocks. regardless of whether its red, white, orOr useavored sparkling water sparkling. A dry, low-alcohol wine suchto create your cocktail, which as Pinot Grigio has fewer calories thantastes as good as sugary mixers either a sweet, high-alcoholand doesnt add calories. Ice cubes Moscato or a dry,made of fruit juice and berries or high-alcoholherbs addavor.Chardonnay. Turn topage 25\x1dfor a grapefruit cocktail.10 Fresh Thyme Crave | freshthyme.com010-011 Dietitian's Corner_Smart_Sips_10.15.indd 10 10/15/19 10:00 AM"