b'nF or festivenales, with minimal work, pick up a classic New York Cheesecake from Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. Decorate this delicious blank slate with your choice of delectable toppingsdo the entire cake all one style or top individual pieces. The suggestions shown here will get you started, but let your imagination run wild!1 Figgy Pudding two 3 Gingersnap5. Blueberry CrispSpread on aTop with a dollop thin layer ofgof canned pumpkin jam. Top withRaspberry-Chocolate pielling. Sprinkle quartered orScatter on freshcandied ginger bits and crushed sliced freshgs.raspberries andgingersnap cookies across top. Drizzle withadd white and darkSprinkle with pepitas for crunch.honey. chocolate curls. Pour a thin stream of chocolate syrupfiveover all.4 Sunday Pancake Blueberry CrispLayer fresh banana andScatter on fresh blueberries, strawberry slices across top.followed by crunchy granola, Drizzle with pure maple syrup. chia seeds, and lemonzest.6 Cinnamon PeachLayer thin 6. Cinnamon Peachslices of fresh peaches or canned peach pielling on cheesecake, then top with CocoWhip topping. Sprinkle with Salty Caramelseven 8chopped pecan pralines and cinnamon.Winter CranberryDrizzle 7. Winter Cranberry melted white chocolate over surface. Cut whole fresh cranberries in half and toss with 8. Blackberry & Ginger 1 imalayan sea salt. with slivers of candied white sugar. Place sugared berries on cheesecake. Top with orange zest.9 Top with pink H Zigzag chocolate syrup acrossBlackberry & Gingertop. Arrange chunks of chopped caramel- Arrange small whole chocolate bar, then drizzle with caramel sauce.or large halved blackberries, then top 0 Pomegranate & Pear ginger. Drizzle withhoney.Cut a pear into thin slices and soak in a little brandy for 1hour. Arrange slices on top. Sprinkle with pomegranate arils. Dust with ground cloves or cinnamon.032-033 Cheesecake_10.15.indd 33 10/15/19 10:19 AM'