b'A headof thebestCauliflower &Cranberry RisottoRecipe, page 41Simple to StoreAt Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, pick out compact round heads that feel heavy for their size. Store whole in the refrigerator up to a week wrapped in a paper towel to absorb excess moisture and prevent mold.Simple to \x1fepCut o\x1fthe few exterior leaves, remove the core, and rinse well. Then cut theorets into equal cauliflower is so versatile and delicious, it maysizes to cook or serve become the star of your dinner table. raw in a classic crudits platter.Cauli ower is found in many forms at Fresh ThymeSimple to CookFarmers Market. Its available fresh as whole headsMicrowaveorets or or precut intoorets or steaks. Find it in the Frozensaut gently to desired aisle either mashed (as a potato substitute) or ricedtenderness. To roast (cut into small grains as a rice substitute). Youll alsocauli ower, dryorets discover it as frozen gluten-free pizza crusts, veggieafter rinsing, then toss onion rings, tortilla shells, chips, and more. with cup extra-virgin olive oil, 2tsp. sea salt, and An excellent alternative to richer foods, cauli ower1tsp. black pepper (or use sports just 25 calories and 5 grams of carbs per cup.tsp. crushed red pepper for a It o\x1e ers an incredible 85 percent of daily vitamin C!kick). Add spices such as garlic Like other cruciferous veggies such as broccoli andor thyme as desired. Spread in cabbage, cauli ower helps promote digestive healtha single layer in a pan and roast at 425\x1cF for 30minutes. Turn and may even lower cholesterol.orets for evenbrowning.freshthyme.com | November/December 20195004-005 Ripe Now_A Head of the Best_10.15.indd 5 10/15/19 9:48 AM'