H2O Baby

Published August 1st, 2019

Kids love water—splashing in it, swimming in it, playing in it—but they need to drink it, too!

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market knows how critical hydration is for children’s well-being—especially in summertime heat. Children run around and don’t always recognize that they’re thirsty. If they start feeling dizzy or lethargic or haven’t needed to urinate, they could be dehydrated.

Parents need to encourage kids to drink water and eat foods that have high water content. That’s where Fresh Thyme can help! Vegetables such as grape tomatoes and fruits such as cantaloupe all contain a lot of water—and make excellent summertime treats.

To stay well hydrated, experts recommend having children drink water 30 minutes before beginning activities, then every 15 to 20 minutes during activities. Fresh Thyme makes hydration easy with flavored waters and quality produce. You provide the reminders to drink—and the kiddos will provide the fun!

“Increasing fruit and veggie intake not only helps with water consumption, it also adds a variety of nutrients that only these foods can provide.”
—Meghan Sedivy, Fresh Thyme Registered Dietitian

H2O Baby

Top 10 Foods Rich in Water
(and how to get kids to eat them)

Did you know lettuce is composed of a whopping 96 percent water? If your kids like salads, that’s an easy way to hydrate them; or make wraps using lettuce leaves.

Being cool as a cucumber is fitting since this veggie is 96 percent water. Peel and slice to snack on or add to a pitcher of water.

Not far behind lettuce and cucumber is celery at 95 percent water. Simple to prepare, celery sticks are an easy snack to replenish fluids. It’s full of fiber, too.

Cut into quarters or slices and add to sandwiches, salads, or wraps. Or just take along cherry or grape tomatoes for snacking—they contain 95 percent water.

The name is spot on: each bite of watermelon is 92 percent water. Carry a container of cubed watermelon with you and offer your kids bites throughout the day.

Not quite as high as watermelon, cantaloupe still contains 90 percent water. Prepare slices ahead of time, or cut into bite-size pieces using a melon baller.

There’s a reason peaches are so juicy—they’re 89 percent water. Pack them whole carefully so they don’t bruise; use a slice or two to flavor water.

Durable grapefruit are ideal to pack for trips to the park. Peel like oranges to get to the refreshing interior, which yields 88 percent water.

Composed of 86 percent water, pineapple is a sweet snack sure to help hydrate kids. Or make ice cubes with a chunk of pineapple in each cube—kids can’t resist the surprise inside, and they’ll drink more liquids.

At 84 percent water, blueberries are on the low end of this hydration list, but they pack excellent nutrition to make up for it. Snack on as is, or use to infuse water or ice cubes.

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