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  • Does it cost money to join?
    Nope, it’s free!
  • Can I sign up in-store?
    You sure can! Just ask a Fresh Thyme team member to help you get started.
  • What types of rewards can I earn?
    Deals and rewards can appear at any time and some may be unique to a particular Fresh Thyme location.
  • How do rewards work?
    Rewards are earned by purchasing a particular product a certain number of times to earn either free products or discounts. If a reward is available, log into your account at checkout. Each time you purchase a qualifying product you will be able to track your progress from your account.
  • How can I sign in at checkout, once I have an account?
    There are two ways. First, you can enter the phone number associated with your account on the PIN pad. You can also have the cashier scan your loyalty member bar code. This can be found by opening the Fresh Thyme app and selecting the “Checkout and Rewards” button.
  • What if I forget to sign into my MyThyme account at the time of checkout? Can I go back and redeem offers and add progress to rewards?
    Unfortunately, you must be signed into your account at the time of checkout to redeem an offer or earn towards a reward.
  • Should I sign into my MyThyme account even if I don’t have any rewards or clipped offers?
    Yes, you can review digital receipts of past shopping trips, as well as tell Fresh Thyme more about the types of products you enjoy for future offers.